“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  –  Oscar Wilde


Being born in India(Chennai), and having a unique name has its own positives and negatives. My name is Virginia Joan Delisti Fidelis and I am usually referred to as Joan.

Independent, Ambitious and Emotional are the three words I use to describe myself. I’d like to connect this identity of mine with my first venture ever, www.sugarysmiles.com

Smile and Live

SugarySmiles is all about keeping the smiles intact. Be it love, marriage, birth of a child, career,
cooking, financial intelligence or travel, everyone has a related experience and these would be applicable to one, if not all. Why do we need to go through the same situations if we already know there is a better way to do it? Why do we need to reinvent the wheel? My aim is to gather these tiny little sugars and present it in a beautiful package, such that it makes it beneficial and appealing to all.

My Love

English has always been my favorite area of interest, but neither have I admitted nor acknowledged it. Very often, I have come across one question – ‘Which is your favourite subject?’ – and I have religiously pledged my love for Mathematics, just to appear studious. #nerdygirl

When I was in the fifth standard, I wrote my first short story and named it ‘The Faceless Girl’. I was so excited about my creation that I read it over and over again. I hardly pursued writing. I ended up concentrating on subjects that would lead me towards a professional degree. Things turned out as planned, and I landed in a software company right out of college. College has given me three things – a degree, good friends and a great husband. We are happily married and have a beautiful little son. #friendshipgoals #perfectfamily

Yay! My Website!

Over the past few years, my love for writing has rekindled, and I have managed to make some time for reading and writing. To take it up a notch, here I am, with my own website, all set to pursue my passion to write, and share information that could possibly be useful to others.

My Journey with you starts here. Make it curve, like always!

SugarySmiles – For the best smiles ever 🙂